All the Scary Deadlines Congress Is Facing This Fall

Obamacare repeal was just the beginning.

Photo: Cliff Owen/AP

Members of Congress just headed home after a brutal fight over repealing Obamacare, and they won’t be back in Washington until September 5. The battles that await them are even more impossible — and they’re only set to be in session for 12 days before they need to act to prevent a government shutdown and an economic crash.

“September is going to be a very difficult month,” said House Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows shortly before the break. “I mean obviously all of this is coming into play right away, all the fiscal issues and deadlines are going to make it extremely difficult to get everything done in a piece-by-piece basis.”

Here’s a rundown of the legislative nightmares that await Congress this fall:

September 29: The Government Hits the Debt Ceiling