CBO score uses Obamacare architect’s standards

White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said Thursday that the Congressional Budget Office is still using a scoring system created by Obamacare’s architect.

“Jonathan Gruber, who helped fashion Obamacare, his methodology is still being used to measure the replacement and the repeal bills. It’s almost like it’s not a fair analysis,” Mr. Mulvaney said on Fox News.

The White House budget director said the CBO also makes wide assumptions due to the scoring system, which can be inaccurate. Mr. Gruber has said in the past that his model is similar to the CBO.

“They assume at CBO that if you are on Medicaid, and you’re getting that for free, and the federal mandate to have insurance goes away, that you will give up that free program and choose to be uninsured, which is just nonsensical until you realize the methodologies they’re required to use.”

Mr. Mulvaney also addressed the upcoming tax reform debate saying he’d like to see the corporate tax rate put far lower than the current 35 percent federal rate.

“The politics is the art of the possible. I’d love to see a 15 percent rate. I’d love to see less,” he said. “We’re trying to get back to a healthy American economy. We introduced the term this week of ‘Maganomics’— it’s our version of ‘Reaganomics.’ “

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