Medicaid work requirement a House GOP precondition for health care talks

Virginia House Speaker Kirk Cox says talking about a work requirement for existing Medicaid recipients is a precondition for any expansion of health care coverage for low income Virginians.

Angered by Gov. Ralph Northam’s reaction to the idea, and by an administration estimate that doing so would boost Medicaid’s administration cost $10 million, Cox said accepting a work requirement for current Medicaid recipients would be a sign of good faith in negotiations over health care access.

“This is a very important component to us,” Cox said, speaking after the House Rules Committee voted for legislation directing the state to seek federal permission to impose a work requirement.

Stressing that the bill the committee approved would not expand Medicaid, Cox said he believed as many as 30 percent of Medicaid recipients would be subject to its requirement, unless they are minors, elderly or disabled, or are the primary caregiver for a dependent child or disabled adult.

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