Proposal to repeal ACA could lead to drastic Medicaid, Medicare cuts in NM

Abuko Estrada, an expert on healthcare access and enrollment, said the proposal could shift the costs to New Mexico in order to compensate. She said as much as $2 trillionĀ to the programs could be cut over the next decade, meaning less money to fund those programs.

“It would do that by shifting more costs to New Mexico, placing Medicaid in what’s called a per capita cap system,” Estrada said. “So capping Medicaid spending and placing work requirements on individuals.”

She says the state would have to raise taxes or ration out healthcare in order to compensateā€”if it doesn’t cut eligibility completely.

“We would be putting the state in the tough position of either having to raise taxes or rationing care for over 850,000 New Mexicans,” she said.

That means limiting those services to those who can afford to pay for them.

In our state, two-thirds of kids, seniors, those with disabilities and adults with low wages could be impacted.

“When you make cuts to Medicaid, it impacts the entire healthcare system,” Estrada said. “With Medicaid expansion, New Mexico added over 250,000 New Mexicans into healthcare coverage, which helps support the over 50,000-plus jobs in the healthcare sector directly.”

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