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Published 10:44 p.m. ET April 11, 2018

Allow absentee voting for all

While I applaud many of the innovations made by Ruth Johnson to our Secretary of State Office that help make doing business there more efficient, I was disappointed to see her letter disputing the state’s status as it relates to voting reform.

The updates being pushed by the Promote the Vote campaign and championed by former U.S. Sen. Carl Levin not only would allow us to catch up to 40 other states that allow for either more time to register or cast a ballot, it also would make Michigan’s voting process more accessible and secure.

For someone like me, a working mom and an advanced practice nurse who works 12 hour shifts providing care to critically ill patients, this amendment allows me to vote absentee without giving a reason; standing in line on Election Day is just not possible for me. It also makes it easier for college students and others who may be tied up on Election Day.

Lisa Riedel

West Bloomfield Township

Medicaid work requirements unfair

As a cancer survivor, I could not disagree more with the recent column, “Work requirements can save Medicaid,” Apr. 10.

I am a bone cancer survivor, undergoing an aggressive treatment of chemotherapy and surgery to survive this disease. Unless you’ve gone through this fight yourself or with a loved one, it may be hard to understand just how difficult fighting cancer can be on the patient and his or her family.

Fatigue, nausea, permanent swelling in your extremities, nerve damage, low blood counts, infections. These are just a few of the symptoms cancer survivors face.

When the nausea and other symptoms hit, going to work isn’t an option and sadly many cancer survivors must take time off or stop working to focus on getting well. That’s why this proposal to require low-income residents to work or complete hours of job training to keep their Medicaid is not only unfair, it’s potentially deadly.

Heather Hall

Sterling Heights

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